Maude on the Cover

I discovered that the American post-punk band Protomartyr uses an image of Maude Fealy for the album art of their new album 'Relatives In Descent'. And it appears to be based on one of my own postcards! Here is the original picture:

Check the imprint of the postmark on the album cover and on this postcard in the upper right corner, their artwork designer (Joe Casey) indeed used my card! (the postmark is dated May 27 1906 5:30PM)

And here are some more pictures of Maude posing as a nun:

(all postcards from my own collection)


Bowie Shrine

Small shrine in the lobby of the Groninger Museum at the Bowie exhibit I visited last week.


Sondre Lerche - Counter Spark (2004)

'Counter Spark' from the 2004 album 'Two Way Monologue' by Norwegian singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Sondre Lerche.


Mono Beatles Samples

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source: www.thebeatles.com


McCartney II

Paul McCartney at the home studio on his farm at Campbeltown, Scotland (about 20 miles from the Mull of Kintyre), recording his McCartney II album (1979). 


Emeli Sandé

Emeli Sandé stated that the key feature to a classical song was keeping the 'melody simple' and having big 'lyric effective', which was much easier said than actually done. She said that the another important key to a good song when songwriting is using 'honesty' and 'raw emotion' as the best way to write. She said that if she attempts to write something which is 'too smart' the creative process will not work for her.



Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison

Johnny Cash performing for prisoners at Folsom Prison (January 13th, 1968)


Amazing Transformation From Speaking To Singing

The amazing speech-to-sound illusion:

First listen to Sound Demo 1. Your brain will interpret it as a melody. Then listen to Sound Demo 2. In the middle of the speech the speaker will appear to burst into a song!

To experience the illusion, play the two recordings in sequence
(demos by Diana Deutsch, UC San Diego).

The speech-to-song illusion reveals that the exact same sequence of sounds can seem either like speech or like music, depending only on whether it has been repeated.

source: aeon.co/magazine/altered-states/why-we-love-repetition-in-music
more info: deutsch.ucsd.edu/pdf/Sci_Am-2010_Jul_Aug_36-43.pdf


Elvis Costello

The Other Side Of Summer - Elvis Costello (1991)

The millionaire who imagined no possessions: John Lennon
School boy who said we don't need no lessons: David Gilmour
The Rapid Rebel Dogs: David Bowie
The pop princess is downtown shooting up: Madonna

 Tymps - Fiona Apple and Elvis Costello
(from 'Decades Rock Live' Elvis Costello & Friends, 2006)


from gospel to grunge ...

(via Concert Hotels).

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Create To Create

"You may not be a Picasso or Mozart but you don’t have to be. Just create to create. Create to remind yourself you’re still alive. Make stuff to inspire others to make something too. Create to learn a bit more about yourself.”

Frederick Terral, the creative visionary behind design studio Right Brain Terrain.


Recording sessions at home

Paul McCartney during recording sessions at home, London, 1969 (photo by Linda McCartney)


Make something you've never made before

Guitarist Nels Cline of the alternative rock band Wilco plays a terrific solo in Dawned On Me, a cheerful, fairly traditional song in which he goes completely nuts for ten seconds. "It’s pure joy", says the band's frontman Jeff Tweedy. "He expresses that much better that way than with a traditional sound. We think it’s totally awesome when we make something that we’ve never made before, or even heard in our music collection. But we’re not afraid to make traditional songs, although it’s sometimes more difficult than creating a new sound. The challenge is completely different. As a band, we enjoy making both types of music: experimental and traditional. The trick is not going too far in one of the two directions."